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Product Inquiry on WhatsApp is a shopify application that you can install in just a minute. This application is very helpful for your Shopify Stores. Clients can send inquiry for any product s/he wants to your Whatsapp number by filling a predefined form. This app will boost your sales and clients.

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The Product

In general, when a PIW (Produce Inquiry on WhatsApp) app is installed, a client comes to your store and finds a WhatsApp inquiry button on the product page. So, if s/he has any query s/he needs to fill a simple predefined form. And once the form is submitted s/he can send his inquiry directory to your whats app number. The WhatsApp number should be configured as soon as the app is installed by using the admin dashboard of your store.

PIW (Produce Inquiry on WhatsApp) app will also capture each inquiry and save into the database. So, you can check all the WhatsApp inquiries from your admin dashboard. This way you have more control over your inquiries.

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Feature 01

Inquiry Button

Adds a WhatsApp inquiry button on product page

Feature 02


Get product inquiry directly on your whats app number

Feature 03


Get details of all the inquiries directly from the admin dashboard


We have two different support model as follows:

  1. Free Support - Email us at [email protected]
  2. Paid/Premium Support

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